Monday, August 29, 2011

Joining the Hmong tribe......

Hello everyone!

Sounds like quite the hurricane going on there!

So Sis. Chambers finishes next week.... weird.
Great week was had by the 3-some here in Chiangmai.
Oh, this Sunday we're having a baptism!!!!! Her name is Green. She's from one of the tribes in the mountains. It's way cool!

Sis. Chambers and Sis. Sorge walking through the village. Notice we're wearing our Powerpuff girl colors. It just so happens we fit them. Since we have a brunette, blonde, and redhead.... what are the odds?

Me on the walkway that doesn't move.

So, ya, last week we took a 2-taw 1hour ride to Doi Bui. It's pretty much in the middle of no where in the mountains. There's a really small/cute Hmong tribe up there. There's little tribes all over the hillside. We were like the only tourists there! How sweet is that? So you know, once you join a tribe you must wear their traditional clothes. So I've enclosed some pics of it for you. I look cute right? All the ladies were on the side stitching away to make some more clothes and such. They're so talented! We also had a picnic up on the mountain side! Gorgeous! I wish I could put it all into my Mary Poppins bag. Really.
We also went on another 2-taw adventure to find a new investigator. That was fun!
Do you guys know what a 2-taw is? It's pretty much the only form of transportation here in Thailand. It's a pickup truck, but in the back they've built seats and a case around it. 2-taw means 2 rows. So you pretty much just hop on and go. No worries, there's plenty of bars to hang on to.

Love you!


Traditional outfits

Sis. Sorge

Sis. Chambers

The patterns of the skirts

Sis. Chambers walking to our house!


Village, that's about it

Ya gotta stop and smell the flowers!

More mountains

Village again

The 3 some

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