Monday, September 5, 2011


Everyone eating!

Sis. Namtaan

Sis. Da

Sis. Green

Sis. Mot

First off I would like to thank Stacie for her wonderful email to me! I miss you too! I will ride another elephant just for you!

YAY I get to go back to school, although that is seriously the last thing I want to think about right now!

Future Thai missionaries!

So this week, was kind of weird. We had a baptism. One was an 8 yr old son of a member and the other a 9 yr old son of a member. The 8 yr old got baptized first. We sat and waited for the second one to get in the water for a long time. Turns out he's scared of water! hahaha! He's been excited all week and was really energetic beforehand but when it came down to it, he just couldn't get over his phobia. We actually all had a good laugh. As you can imagine his mom was a little embarrased. :) Gotta love little kids!

Yay! Everybody!

Yesterday we had the big goodbye FHE for Sis. Chambers. They've been plotting and planning for weeks now! It was very cute! Everyone performed a little something for her. Sis. Sorge and I sang " These are a few of my favorite things" but rewrote the lyrics to things in Thailand. Needless to say she bawled! hahaha! While I was on exchanges with the members, I would help them plot and plan while we were traveling. As we were leaving the FHE they began to plot mine. hahaha! Weird!

Sis. Chambers is touched!

Ya, it's weird to be sending Sis. Chambers home. She's always been here on my mission and then to have her gone will just be weird.

Everyone singing a song!

Love you all!!!!

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